Unbeatable Waxing Treatment

At The Waxing Pot & Spa we often feel that waxing is much like paying taxes. Nobody really likes doing it but, for most people, it is something must be done at least every now and then. However, what if we were to tell you that there was a less painful way of achieving smooth and supple skin without compromising on any of the effective hair removal benefits? Well, at The Waxing Pot & Spa, that is exactly the case. Our skilled team of estheticians use a wide range of unique waxing techniques to deliver a highly effective waxing treatment without any of the drawbacks that can come with it.

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Waxing for Everyone

The simple fact of the matter is that no two of our clients are exactly alike. As such, no two treatments are exactly the same either. Some people have thicker hair than others, while certain men and women experience hair growth at different rates. However, the skill and efficiency used by our esthticians means that we won’t delay you one minute longer than is necessary.

At The Waxing Pot & Spa we offer a wide range of waxing for males and females, options including, but not limited to: Bikini, Brazilian, Half Leg, Full Leg, Under Arm, Half Arm, Full Arm, Chest and Back. We also offer facial waxing for any unwanted facial hair on both men and women. The wide selection of waxing treatments that we offer means that we have an unrivaled service that won’t be beaten.

Going That Extra Step For You

At The Waxing Pot & Spa we take every step imaginable to ensure that your skin’s health, elasticity and vibrancy is protected throughout the waxing process. As standard, our esthticians will apply the wax while it is warm and then remove it gently, leaving your skin feeling smoother and softer than ever before. The refined nature of our treatment is perfect for all skin types and our results speak for themselves. We are proud that so many of our clients return to us on a regular basis. We work hard every day to ensure that these high standards are maintained.

Call Us Today

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to schedule a waxing appointment that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. Also, visit our website to learn more about our limited time offers as well as our extended opening hours and a wide range of other spa treatments. We guarantee that the skill, experience and attention to detail that our esthticians provide in each of our waxing treatment sessions will be at a level that you have never previously experienced. On top of that, our affordable prices and regular discounts mean that we offer a treatment that is accessible to all budgets.

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