All Your Questions About Permanent Makeup Answered

Living in Marysville, you’ve probably seen a person or two walk by with permanent makeup and not even noticed. When done well, this subtle beauty enhancement can transform your everyday look, adding color and vitality to your face without the use of foundation.

A lot of our clients here at The Waxing Pot & Spa come in with tons of questions before their permanent makeup procedure. There’s a lot of misconception and rumors swirling out there. We’re here to put it to rest. Check this guide for EVERYTHING, and we mean EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about permanent makeup:

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Is Permanent Makeup Really Permanent?

Okay, so the name is a bit misleading. Nothing is ever truly permanent, after all. But considering that our clients see results from their permanent makeup sessions for three to five years tells you that this is absolutely the longest-lasting and most cost-effective beauty treatment you can have. What is Permanent Makeup? Is it the Same as a Tattoo?

Yes and no. A tattoo artist uses a needle to deposit ink in the shape of a design on a person’s skin.

A permanent makeup artist, on the other hand, uses a special machine designed only for permanent makeup applications and adds pigments that are germ- and metal-free.

Permanent makeup is a form of micropigmentation, which makes it more highly specialized than regular tattooing. Only someone with micropigmentation training is qualified to perform permanent makeup sessions.

What is Permanent Makeup Used For?

Anyone who wants to bring out the best in their facial features through subtle means is a great candidate for permanent makeup. It’s a beautiful method for highlighting cheekbones, adding a healthy tint to the face, or outlining thin eyebrows or lips.

That said, permanent makeup also helps people suffering from burns, disfigurement, vitiligo or those recovering from reconstructive cosmetic surgery regain confidence in themselves. We have a broad brush with which to paint, and The Waxing Pot & Spa helps all our patients look and feel better after they walk through our front door.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

Because permanent makeup machines are specially designed for this purpose, sessions are not painful. The Waxing Pot & Spa takes special care to apply all the necessary safety precautions and uses a special numbing gel to minimize irritation and speed healing. Some discomfort may occur, but it’s vastly less painful than a regular tattoo session or a microblading procedure.

Is Permanent Makeup the Same as Microblading?

No! Permanent makeup uses a particular machine, whereas microblading is by hand and performed with a tool that resembles a small knife. Because of the increased amount of pressure required to implant the pigment by hand rather than using specialized equipment, healing can take up to four weeks, and the sessions are widely regarded as painful.

Microblading is too risky and may not produce the results you’re looking for. Instead, call The Waxing Pot & Spa today for permanent makeup that makes you look as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.